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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5th of July

:::chip-a-chip-away your shell and come to me:::Don't ask. There is a youTube thingy out there that Katy and Jakey LOVE LOVE LOVE and it's a little girl singing that song. They need to watch a million times a day. I can't type the word day. I typed gay then fay.

We have been taking the kids down to the pool and they LOVE LOVE it! We got some video of it too. I will try to post it. You can totally hear me holding my breath as they are both in the water, worried and such... It's weird, I don't sound like myself but then I do. Anyway, my typing is awful. I keep misspelling words.

Soooooooo, things are good here. We are transitioning ME out of the family bed and into my big beautiful comfy bed upstairs. Okay so the kids are going to sleep together for a while, that's okay I'm sure. I don't think anything bad can happen plus they really really need eachother to comfort one another. You should see, when Jakey cries Katy runs to him and says, "Jakey Jakey!" and she rubs his back and hugs him! SO FLIPPIN' SWEET!!

My husb has to work today. Which just isn't fair but since he's away, I will see if this restaurant is open so I can get my tuna melt. Oh my heck, that's the best tuna melt I have ever ever ever eaten...

I hope you are all well and happy and smiling! I miss Jeff Buckley.

Oh there is some drama going on in San Anto and I was left with my jaw dropped. It's family drama but WHOA!


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