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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Botttle of Sunshine

There was so much drama in the mother's of twins club that I actually wrote a post that I was going to submit. I didn't end up sending it because I thought I might get ex-communicated from the group. So other lady sent a similar post last night saying many of the things I was going to say, only nicer. I guess I am ghetto after all...hee... nothing like bickering between suburban moms about what she said and how she said it and how she had her hands on her hips making fun of me... chatafuckup!
In other news, K is still doing fabulously with her potty training! She rocks the potty!
Lemme see what else, OHHHH! We took the kiddos to the pool for the first time yesterday. They LOVE LOVE LOVED it! So I'm going to get my ass to Target and get them some swimming gear. Swim vests and what not. I need to get a swim suit too. UGH!
My girl JC came over and it looks like we'll probably be going to Vegas to go see Glenn and Caryn in a few weeks. YAY! That's exciting! I can't wait! I'll take the kids and she might not bring hers but who knows. I will also get to see Potato and Chikiboo. YAY!


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