The Eye of the Hurricane

A peek inside a storm in girl form...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Botttle of Sunshine

There was so much drama in the mother's of twins club that I actually wrote a post that I was going to submit. I didn't end up sending it because I thought I might get ex-communicated from the group. So other lady sent a similar post last night saying many of the things I was going to say, only nicer. I guess I am ghetto after all...hee... nothing like bickering between suburban moms about what she said and how she said it and how she had her hands on her hips making fun of me... chatafuckup!
In other news, K is still doing fabulously with her potty training! She rocks the potty!
Lemme see what else, OHHHH! We took the kiddos to the pool for the first time yesterday. They LOVE LOVE LOVED it! So I'm going to get my ass to Target and get them some swimming gear. Swim vests and what not. I need to get a swim suit too. UGH!
My girl JC came over and it looks like we'll probably be going to Vegas to go see Glenn and Caryn in a few weeks. YAY! That's exciting! I can't wait! I'll take the kids and she might not bring hers but who knows. I will also get to see Potato and Chikiboo. YAY!

Friday, June 23, 2006

leona naess is God today...

Yeh, she is. I love her. She is just beyond awesome.

Anyway, Things here have been good. I haven't written in so long of course but still. IT'S FLIPPIN' HOT HERE! It's suppose to get up to 100 degrees here in D-ville. NO GOOD! We are going to stay inside again, like we have for the last 3 days. My poor twinks. They are suffering from cabin fever! Too hot to expose their little sensitive skin to the heat though....

So I will think up some more games to play and more songs to sing and what not.

Nothing has really been going on. On Saturday I went shopping and bought the Husb a watch for Father's Day and lots of clothes for the tinies. They will look adorable as usual....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seems like summer to me...

It seems like summer is already here in all it's glory. It's nice so far, hasn't been grossly hot but I can't complain too much. The famils in Texas says it's too hot there for me to complain about the weather here...

Once again I have been neglecting putting the words I have in my head down in this here blog. It's not hard for me to remember it's here but it's hard for me to find time to actually sit down and collect my thoughts and write... I should be better about it but I just am not.

Tuesday night I went to the Mother's of Twins Club New Members Dinner. It's safe to say that I don't look like, act like or even smell like 98% of the women there. I have nothing in common with them, except for a couple of women that is. The only thing we have in common is that we have multiples. Everyone else is so into the whole deal about being a suburban mom. I don't mind being a stay at home suburban mom but c'mon. Seriously, I was the only xicana there and one of like maybe 4 non-skinny people. I introduced myself to these two women as we were asked to mingle and they looked at me like I was out of my league introducing myself to them. I didn't want to talk to them anyway. I felt really out of place and awkward. But then my friend Elise showed up and I was relieved. Elise is a white version of me. It really makes me not want to show myself at those meetings ever again. But I kinda Promised Elise that I would go to meetings with her. I had a virgin margarita. I really like frozen drinks. So anyway, I am not one of those competitive mother's whose child is playing piano and reading medical journals by age 18 months. I'm a much more mellower mom. I'm excited that my son is screaming his name to stake his claim to something. Yay for screaming "JA-COB" or something that sounds like it anyway. UGH! There was this woman there that told me that her near-2 twin girls (she was in our playgroup) know how to count to ten and they don't cry at all. She really said, "We can go 4 or 5 days without there being any crying in our house." Well pin a fucking rose on your motherfucking nose biotch! My kids cry. They cry when someone takes something from the other, when they fall off the slide, when they want me to hold them, when they are too overstimulated, when they are tired and just when they feel like crying. I think kids are suppose to cry but that's just my dumb ass thinking.

The women congregate together by playgroup. Playgroups are very very important in this group. It's a political thing. You have be in the right playgroup, if you're in the wrong playgroup, it's possible that none of your needs will get met. Have you ever heard of such a political mother's group before?!?!?!?!

So anyway on to what we did yesterday, we went to Fairy Tale Town in Sacramento. I'm gonna say it, it's a HASSLE to get the twins ready to go anywhere, much less somewhere that's a couple of hours away. ARGH!!! The kids had a BLAST! Katy wandered off and my FIL went to get her but he didn't tell anyone and I was in the bathroom and when I came out they asked me if I had Katy and I was like what?!?!?!?! So I ended up running my ass all over that fucking park looking for my girl child, only to find that she was safe with her grandpa and he just didn't say anything. I mean, c'mon, common sense will tell ya that you should say something about where you are going especially when there is a near-two-year-old involved. Scared the holy crap out of me. But then the rest of the day was good.

We have been listening to a lot of Dan Zanes and Iris DeMent.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Take the last train to Pottysville

The girly girl baby is on the train to potty trainingville and it's sooo awesome! She has been sitting and peeing and pooping on the potty for months now but the last four days has been different. She is actually asking me to go to the potty and pee. PEE!!!! I'm so proud of her! She has pooped a couple of times but the peeing things is exciting!

The boy baby isn't that enthused anymore. He was doing marvelous but then he decided that it must be too much work right now. He's still going just not telling me, I have to just guess.