The Eye of the Hurricane

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

oh my life, is changing everyday...

I had the craziest dream. I had a dream that I was pregnant and I didn't know that I was pregnant. All of a sudden my water broke and I gave birth at my house to my daughter. We put her in the sink and washed her off and my husb told me I had to go to the doctor's office because I just gave birth and they're going to want to know about it. I said okay and went to my Dr.'s office and they wouldn't see me yet I had to wait in the waiting room and I was starving and they brought me a plate of food and I was told that I would need an escort out because this was also an abortion clinic and there were people protesting out there. So I waited and waited and I must have seen my doctor but I don't remember that part. Then all of a sudden I was going to a Juliana Hatfield concert where John Strohm was also playing. She came up to the girls I was sitting next to and asked what song she wanted to hear. She said, "Pet Semetary" I was like What the Fizzle is that?!?!?! So she started singing the song (It was spelled like the movie in my dream) then John Strohm came out on stage and sang a song that I was singing in the dream but now I can't for the life of me remember the song.


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