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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Insane In the Membrane

This week was kinda crazy... Just kinda. You know, not really weirdly crazy but it had enough drama in it so that I was happy to call it a week.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days. Then on Tuesday night the Husb told me that the had scheduled his Wave Front Lasik surgery for Thursday. O-KAY! So that was one thing...

Then I just kinda putted around doing some small but essential chores on Wednesday. Grocery shopping got done and we went to the tot lot down the street. I didn't cook that day. I decided that we would have leftovers! Yay for leftovers and tupperware. The kids were pretty tired so they went to sleep quick.

Thursday started out kinda normal. We just hung out and had breaky and what not. The MIL came over about 12pm and the Husb came home from work. He had lunch and then we got ready to go to the laser center to get his eyes sliced and diced. Had issues with the pharmacy. Of course, why wouldn't I... Then we came home and the MIL stayed until about 9pm. I made rice and cream of chicken slop for dinner. I like slop.

Anyway, on Thursday I found out that one of my friends passed. He was only 35 years old. I am still some what in shock but mostly just curious. His girlfriend didn't tell us how he died, just that he died and I suppose that maybe an explanation (died in his sleep is what I just read) will come soon but I can't help but wonder. He had been severely depressed recently and she did say that he didn't commit suicide. Which is a relief. There are so many ways to die. So I talked to my friends that knew him and we decided that we should do something in his honour. Since the funeral is going to be in Ohio I'm looking into foundations or flowers or something. He was a coold guy. He liked the Golden Girls and folky country bluegrassy music. He liked cookingand knitting and he moved from the Bay Area to NY to be with Janette. Anway, I do blather on... I will miss my friend. He was awesome.

Friday the Husb and I went to this eye appointment to see if everything was okay. They said he was healing perfectly. We went to lunch afterward, sans kiddos cause the MIL was taking care of them. Do you know how long it had been since we had been alone!?!?!?! It was great. Came home and then we went over ot Nordstrom's to by the Husb some cool shades for his now non-prescription face. He's beautiful still. Even without his glasses. Afterward we went to the park.

It's just been a lot of go-go-go this week but it's over and now we can move at the snails pace I like....


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