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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Houston, there's nothing wrong!

A long time ago in a land far far away (oh, sorry, I have been reading too many stories to the kids)... I guess it was like 1993 I went into Apple Records and bought one of the coolest CDs I ever bought. It was only like 5.95 and it was worth sooooo much more. Anyway, I bought The Muffs. I bopped to that cd for the rest of the 90's and then when I moved to Califaztlan I kinda forgot about it. Yesterday as I was picking up all my CDs that my children pulled out of the CD holder, lalalalala there it was! Yes, it is now rockin' the iPod properly.

Also yesterday, I went to the groceries. Big deal you say. Pashaw! I bought Creamy Chocolate coffee creamer by CoffeeMate. Holy creamy goodness, it is the greatest thing ever!!!!

Oh I was having a really downer of a couple of days. You know how in middle school the competition for the smart kids starts? Well, yours truly was one of those smart kids. There was a girl that was my nemesis, we'll just call her Trollop. (She's not really a trollop but for the story's sake, oh and my ego's too). Well, I had a dream about her a couple of days ago and I woke up and thought, "Hmm, wonder what she's up to?" Came in to find her, well, I found her. She's got her Ph.D and she went to 3 very elite schools and not only that she's a professor at another great school. OMIHECK! I felt like a total loser! What the heck was I doing, nothing compared to that. WOW! Reality bitch slapped me in the face. Okay, then after talking to the incredible man I married I realized, I was jealous because I wanted to be where she was already in her life and I felt like she was doing something important, shaping the college student of today into the leaders of tomorrow. Wait a minute, back it up back it up, beep beep beep... I'm doing something JUST AS IMPORTANT! Okay she teaches people things that they want to learn but I am incharge of teaching my twinks EVERYTHING. I have to teach them their alphabet and their numbers and colors and language and about the world and about life. I have to teach them about things that are fair and unfair. AND to top it all off, I AM THEIR WORLD RIGHT NOW! I'm everything to them. And there is no more important role for me right now than being their mother.


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