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Saturday, April 01, 2006

waking up with babies

I woke up this morning to J softly chanting, "Mama, Mama, Mama." It's a delightful way to wake up. We laid in bed a bit and then K woke up and then they crawled out of the bed. That is the sign that the day has officially started.

We played a bit and then it was breaky time. We went up, they had milk and an english muffin. I had my Harney and Sons English Breakfast Tea and an english muffin with a bit 'o honey. It's a typical Saturday morning breakfast. Nothing major. The honey was especially sweet this morning. I enjoyed it nonetheless...

Came down rather quickly as the first of their 2 shows they watch had already started. We kinda got a late start. The Doodlebops were on and the kids were elated. Now they are waiting for Jojo's Circus to start. After that we will probably just hang out a bit and then take a nap.

We are changing the cribs to toddler beds today. It's something that we really have to do now. Especially since last night K climbed out of her crib and fell on her side and cried for a little while. Poor chica but she learned her lesson for the time being. She's been climbing out of her crib for sometime now and never fell. Last night was the end of her streak.

The Husb's birthday celebration was a very small and informal one. When he got home from work he changed into play clothes and then opened his gifts and cards. Not in that order. He really liked the knife from the kids and the iPod cover and man-perfume from me. I swear I have run out of things to buy him. I have bought him everything in the 7 years we have lived together. The rice crispy treats were an utter idsappointment though. I never thought that I could screw that up but it seems I did. They will be disposed of this afternoon when I have a chance to get back up to the kitchen. After the kids went to sleep we watched Deadwood and then we went to sleep.

Today will be filled with mechanics and maintainence I think. Mayhaps we will be going to the ILs later. They want to take the Husb out for a b-day dinner.


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