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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting for Wednesday, my Stomach Doesn't Hurt Enough, Pain Always is a Sign

When I see his face I'll tell you how it feels, it's just like waking up after a million years.
When I see his eyes I'll tell you what it's like, think of the sweetest dream you've had in all your life.

It's Wednesday. The week is half way gone and my sister will be here in 2 days which is very very exciting. She hasn't been here since October 2004. She says she wants to talk about her future plans. Okay, as long as she acknowledges that she has a future to plan for, I'm glad and I will talk.

The babes just went down for their nap. They love sleeping a few hours after they've woken up from the nights sleep. When they wake up, they are awake until bedtime and sometimes that can be a wee bit difficult.

My desk is clean actually. I cleaned it yesterday just like I said I would. It was a task but it's over now and I have a work space I can use again.

I think that's all. I am going to call the MIL and the Mom now...


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