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Thursday, April 27, 2006

No time

It's been a few days... Lemme think...

Ah yes, J can now always identify himself when we say his name and he often says his own name over and over. How CUTE!?!?! He also says "sister" when we say K's name. Adorable! He also points to his baby biceps when we ask him where his big muscles are. K can say "bubby" when talking about J. AND she points to her forearms when we ask her where her big muscles are. My daughter is freakishly strong. She can move pretty much anything she tries to move. She can flip over their little oak table with little struggle. She's a muscle woman!

My ILs gave them potato chips yesterday, against our request. It was horrible. After the ILs left, the babies were whining and crying all evening. I think that they had upset stomachs from all the grease in the p-chips. What the fuck?!?! They have never ever been allowed to give them chips before, why they chose yesterday to defy us and give them chips is TOTALLY beyond me! I was (am) irked to be sure.

Anyway, went to CSU-Hayward and met with my good friend Nan. She was crazy as usual. We went to have lunch first and I must say, I really miss working in Haystack. At least I have the CHN stuff and I can always go there just to visit.

Today I have a meeting there and I will have to bring my babes as the husb is sick. NO GOOD!


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