The Eye of the Hurricane

A peek inside a storm in girl form...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

No time

It's been a few days... Lemme think...

Ah yes, J can now always identify himself when we say his name and he often says his own name over and over. How CUTE!?!?! He also says "sister" when we say K's name. Adorable! He also points to his baby biceps when we ask him where his big muscles are. K can say "bubby" when talking about J. AND she points to her forearms when we ask her where her big muscles are. My daughter is freakishly strong. She can move pretty much anything she tries to move. She can flip over their little oak table with little struggle. She's a muscle woman!

My ILs gave them potato chips yesterday, against our request. It was horrible. After the ILs left, the babies were whining and crying all evening. I think that they had upset stomachs from all the grease in the p-chips. What the fuck?!?! They have never ever been allowed to give them chips before, why they chose yesterday to defy us and give them chips is TOTALLY beyond me! I was (am) irked to be sure.

Anyway, went to CSU-Hayward and met with my good friend Nan. She was crazy as usual. We went to have lunch first and I must say, I really miss working in Haystack. At least I have the CHN stuff and I can always go there just to visit.

Today I have a meeting there and I will have to bring my babes as the husb is sick. NO GOOD!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coffee, Tea, Cinnamon Pee

Only my twinsies can make their weebles fall down...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Life in General

Yesterday we decided to give the husb a break and take the kids out so that he could have some alone time. We went to Office Max to buy him some DVD-R's and then we went to downtown WC for shopping. We didn't get much done as usual. We went to the Hallmark store and then to See's Candies and then to the Baby Gap. I bought the kiddos an outfit each and then to Barnes and Noble where I bought them a Dan Zanes cd and 2 new books. It was fun all in all... Then we got home the husb took them for a walk and we decided to go to Safeway for bagels and bananas. Then we went to Mountain Mike's for pizza. YAY! I didn't have to cook last night. I love when I don't have to cook.

The weekend was cloudy but it didn't rain. Which was nice. It was nice to have a few days without rain. It dos however look like it could rain at any moment right now.Parks have been our best friends the last few weeks. It's nice to have someone to help me take the twinks playing. Anyway, Thursday was playgroup, Friday was just a regular chill day at home. Saturday involved my ILs and dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants (except I really didn't enjoy it all that much that day, the waiter was kinda pushing us out of there).

Today, if the kids can stand it, we will take them to Memorial Park and hang out for a little bit. They like going on picnics now. Which is the cutest...

Friday, April 21, 2006

More than a feeling...

I am having a pretty good morning. We were going to go to playgroup this morning but I don't think that the kids are too up to it. We went to the park yesterday and had a picnic and then we played at twins playgroup. Seriously this was the first time they played for 2 hours non-stop. It was great! They came home dirty and sweaty and looking soooo adorable! They fell fast to sleep after their well deserved bath.

Now, this morning, I think K might have pink eye... I have to see if it progresses. When one gets pink eye (or anything for that matter) it only takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for the other to catch it... Ahh, life is grand!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Co-Sleeping? I think not...

Co-sleeping isn't the word that I would use to describe my sleeping situation with my toddler twins. It's more like, "co-we get most of the queen-size bed you get a sliver and be happy that you have that much and oh by the way brother really wants to be right next to you while he sleeps and will wake up and cry if you move him."

I think this was by far the most bittersweet thing I did while the twinks were twinfants. By that I mean, it was beautiful being able to sleep with them and bond with them, hold them in my arms while we slept through the night BUT it sure has been hell now that they are 19 months old and are bigger and are taking more and more room. I don't have enough space to sleep comfortably and well, J always wants me to hold him through the night which is not making my night any easier.

I'm so jealous of my friends whose toddlers can sleep on their own. Mine can't even nap on their own. Which is really really sad and lame I think. I think I really really really screwed up their independent sleeping thing.

I wish I could move towards making them more independent when it comes to sleeping.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


SO my laptop died on Friday which really sucked as I had all of my docs and music and photos on it. I have back ups but the back up computer doesn't have word on it so I can't get any work done right now. Holy Schmoley! I am behind on my work. I need to get some stuff mailed out and I have NOTHING to do it on... I'm kinda screwed I guess... GULP!

Yesterday the husb made it home about 715 which was nice since he's been coming home at like midnight. The kids were feeling ever not so very well yesterday. J even took a nap in the middle of the day which NEVER happens.

Getting ready to schlep over to the park and then maybe to the groceries. Hopefully everything will be a smooth move...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just so I remember

There are several "mommy" blogs I read now. Now that I'm a mommy of 19 months, I like reading other people's experiences. Everyone elses lives seem much more noteworthy and exciting than my own life.

Anyway, I will try to be more witty when blogging. A-hahahaha!

Monday, April 17, 2006


I spent a LOT of time making cascarones this year because it was going to be the first time that my kids would actually have fun with them. NO ONE wanted to play. It was sad. So much for Mexican traditions here...

Easter was okay, the SIL was not nice and that's pretty much all...

Sunday, April 16, 2006


We pretty much just hung out all day yesterday. We got ready to go about 2pm and we went to the mall just because we needed to get outta here. Then we went to dinner with the MIL.

Came home, played some more and that was all...

J is now saying, "sister" and "Elmo's World". He's a genius!

We are getting ready to go the ILs house for Easter celebrations. I'm getting everyone with cascarones this year! Whether they like it or not!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 2

Well the husb has startd working his 12 hour shifts. NO GOOD!

I wish he was here instead of working. This morning we took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood. They did good. They got tons of eggs which was cute. VERY CUTE! TOO CUTE!

Came home, they napped, me and the kid sister ate and that's all. The babes woke up and I fed them and now they are hanging out with the Tia.

Yesterday was kind of a repeat of today except with no egg hunt.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday

Last night as I was preparing dinner my daughter called me mommy for the first time ever! It was the most beautiful thing that happened yesterday. Her little squeaky voice made me so happy and insured that feeling of, "I must have done something right in my lifetime."

Anyway, things are good here. The husb is busy with work and will be until after 4/17. Damn tax day for falling on Saturday. I will be without him all weekend because of it.

The kid sister has been here a week and things are going well.

My girl JC is coming this way today! I'm sooooo excited! I can't wait to see her!

Pretty much all. The rain has stopped for the day, the sun is out and the birds are finally able to sing a dry song. The fog is lifting early too, which is a nice thing. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day in the Bay Area. Maybe we will go to a park tonight. If it's still dry....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Morning Delight

Woke up this morning with the headache I went to sleep with but that's okay because I immediately tried to remedy it with an english muffin, hot tea and excedrine. It's almost gone.

The kid sister got here on Friday and we have been visiting, which has been kinda nice. She's still that kid I used to pick on and have a good time with.

Brunch yesterday was a SUCCESS! The menu was tofu scramble, migas, fresh fruit, strawberries with powdered sugar, pastries, cheese and crackers, coffe, tea and pineapple fizz. We had a GREAT TIME! I enjoyed entertaining. Brooke, Ande, Joel and Jonas all came by and they were here for a few hours. It was a fun time! I hope we can do it again soon.

Later, D and I cleaned up and then we took the kids to the park for a wee bit. Came home and had a light dinner and then we watched Deadwood. The babies went to bed very quickly. They were exhausted!

Today my MIL will come over and watch the kiddos while K and I dye the Easter Eggs and maybe get some lunch.

Think that's about all....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today is exciting already!

Can I go back to sleep?

Okay, today we are having brunch here at my house! I'm kinda excited to be honest. But nervous at the same time. This is the first time I will be cooking for my friends. How exciting is that?!?!

Anyway, I think we are having muffins, scones, fruit, Challah french toast, tofu scramble and migas with vegetarian refried beans. It's a small menu to say the least. No meat. All vegetarian friendly, because Brookie is a vegetarian and I want her to be able to eat a bit of everything.

I think that's all... More details so I remember later...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting for Wednesday, my Stomach Doesn't Hurt Enough, Pain Always is a Sign

When I see his face I'll tell you how it feels, it's just like waking up after a million years.
When I see his eyes I'll tell you what it's like, think of the sweetest dream you've had in all your life.

It's Wednesday. The week is half way gone and my sister will be here in 2 days which is very very exciting. She hasn't been here since October 2004. She says she wants to talk about her future plans. Okay, as long as she acknowledges that she has a future to plan for, I'm glad and I will talk.

The babes just went down for their nap. They love sleeping a few hours after they've woken up from the nights sleep. When they wake up, they are awake until bedtime and sometimes that can be a wee bit difficult.

My desk is clean actually. I cleaned it yesterday just like I said I would. It was a task but it's over now and I have a work space I can use again.

I think that's all. I am going to call the MIL and the Mom now...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the spring in my spring is sprung

I'm going to use today to do some much needed spring cleaning of my desk!

Oh yes, I will be able to see the surface by the end of the day. Amen.

I try

I try to connect but I can't. I think I'm doing something wrong or saying all the wrong things. I hate not being confident in my abilities to be a friend.

Reaching the Point

I think I am slowly reaching the point where I can give my LJ and be happy without it...

I just feel like my connection to people there is waning. I will miss several people but they don't seem to miss my likes so there...

In other news, it's FREEZING and RAINING here again! I don't so much mind the rain, however, I don't mind the fact that the kiddos can't go outside causing tremendous amounts of cabin fever. Oying my vey.

Monday, April 03, 2006


There are so many things that are making me sad these days...

Today I was reading the news and I just read that Moussaoui is eligible for the death penalty. The headline says that the "jury approved possible execution" for him but we know what that means.

Scott Peterson's family is offering a quarter of a million dollars to find the real killer(s) [ala OJ Simpson]. I want to write them a letter and give them his address at San Quentin and ask when I can expect my check.

This immigration thing... It just hurts my heart and I don't even think I can talk about how I feel about the issue.

Cesar Chavez Day here was uneventful for the most part. The kids did wear their Si Se Puede shirts for the day but we didn't participate in any marches because whenever there is a march in San Jose, it turns violent.


I had a strange dream last night. There were 3 people that were trying to break into my grandma's house. I was there with 2 people (Edith and George). I knew them in my dream but I didn't know them in my head. SO anyway, the guy who was the leader of the group trying to break in asked me to break the floor boards so that they could get under the house. I some how talked the guy into not killing me. That wasn't the case for Edith and George, as they were shot in the chest by one of the guys cronies... Finally we ended up at some mall and I owned a pizza place called Stewie Kablewies. Anyway, we ended up living in a trailer that my grandmother sent from the other side filled with chickens and sheep.

Pull Up!

The kids are wearing their pull ups now. They have been interested in the potty for sometime now but now they are interested in pulling their diapers off and sitting on the potty by themselves. OMIGOSH! They are becoming potty-trained toddlers! I know I know that it's still a little ways away but still!!! (IMO, it's cute when they poop in the potty, little plop plop plop... It's NOT THAT gross.)

Ah well, I'm happy and proud of them. They will be pooping in the potty like big kids in NO time!

(For the record: Never in a million years would I have thought I would be so excited about bowel movements.)

I don't mind

We woke up this morning at 730am. Which is a nice change. The time change must have confused the little ones. But anyway...

This weekend was filled with rain and cleaning. It rained all day yesterday and we cleaned all day yesterday. GOSH! Our house was a nice little mess. It was cute and fluffy with dust. It's all gone now so there.

We had pasta last night and the MIL stayed for dinner, which was nice, she never does even though I invite her anytime she's here.

The kids went to sleep and we watched Deadwood.

Can't think of anything else to write.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

waking up with babies

I woke up this morning to J softly chanting, "Mama, Mama, Mama." It's a delightful way to wake up. We laid in bed a bit and then K woke up and then they crawled out of the bed. That is the sign that the day has officially started.

We played a bit and then it was breaky time. We went up, they had milk and an english muffin. I had my Harney and Sons English Breakfast Tea and an english muffin with a bit 'o honey. It's a typical Saturday morning breakfast. Nothing major. The honey was especially sweet this morning. I enjoyed it nonetheless...

Came down rather quickly as the first of their 2 shows they watch had already started. We kinda got a late start. The Doodlebops were on and the kids were elated. Now they are waiting for Jojo's Circus to start. After that we will probably just hang out a bit and then take a nap.

We are changing the cribs to toddler beds today. It's something that we really have to do now. Especially since last night K climbed out of her crib and fell on her side and cried for a little while. Poor chica but she learned her lesson for the time being. She's been climbing out of her crib for sometime now and never fell. Last night was the end of her streak.

The Husb's birthday celebration was a very small and informal one. When he got home from work he changed into play clothes and then opened his gifts and cards. Not in that order. He really liked the knife from the kids and the iPod cover and man-perfume from me. I swear I have run out of things to buy him. I have bought him everything in the 7 years we have lived together. The rice crispy treats were an utter idsappointment though. I never thought that I could screw that up but it seems I did. They will be disposed of this afternoon when I have a chance to get back up to the kitchen. After the kids went to sleep we watched Deadwood and then we went to sleep.

Today will be filled with mechanics and maintainence I think. Mayhaps we will be going to the ILs later. They want to take the Husb out for a b-day dinner.