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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a couple of things to be sure...

Today I think I'm going to go to Sacramento to see D's grandma. But I'm not quite sure yet. It's still rainy and I don't like driving in the rain.

A couple of days ago, I had this dream about Angelina Jolie. As part of the TVMOTC you get pregnancy pals. Someone who has been there, done that kinda thing... Well, I had a dream that I was Angelina's pregnancy pal. I had dinner with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (who said that the rumors of them not liking eachother were media contrived). We had sandwiches and then we went to some auction. Tre weird. Then Brad Pitt showed us their new condo and he said that me and my family should move in and also, Angelina wanted me to raise her two that she adopted for a couple of years so that she could bond with the new baby.


My guilty pleasure is the band Nickleback. So far they have had 3 songs out that I really like and I really like their videos. Alright ALRIGHT! I admit it!

Anyway, my tea is cooling so I am off...


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